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Aug. 12th, 2009

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I've temporarily gone friends only again because I feel like it. Actually, it's because even though my journal contains nothing but fluffy bunnies really, I don't want to burn anyones brain with the cuteness.

I'm an evil genius that may want your brain. But friend me anyway if you like, just leave a comment :)

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Methinks LJ needs to re-address thier 'paid users will not see ads'.

The sneaky bastards have found a way to put adds on that paid users see too.

See this post on no_lj_ads

Lj, you disappoint me yet again.
Still here, still reading sometimes.

kawree, do you have any thoughts about how old Reno is? I've posted over at canon_details, because unlike 95% of the fandom, I really don't think he's in his early twenties by the time of AC.

Being stuck in my backward country means I will never play Before Crisis and I've not got the time to trawl through the scripts at the moment for any canon details there.

*is hit by teh lazy again*


Please don't kill me... One is definitely a spoiler for HP:DH, if you can work out what the hell it's about. If you've read the book, it's obvious. The other is not really a spoiler, but the idea of jumping on the bandwagon with a nekkid Daniel Radcliff was too amusing and the last one is Transformers (G1) and is generally so daft that someone may yet shoot me for it.

Oh dear god what is she doing?Collapse )


Apparently according to my computer, my external HD no longer exists. I know it does, I can see it. I've been trying to convince my computer is does exist since yesterday morning.

All my screencaps and everything is on there.


I miss you guys.

I've made some new frinds over at IJ, and some of you have moved (at least partially) to IJ too, but I miss you lot.

I am actually finding it hard to keep my 'fuck off LJ' stance. It probably sounds pretty dumb, but still true.

kawree. I will get those caps done for you, I had family over at the weekend and my business needed setting up today and other legalities, so I'll be with you as soon as poss.

Sorry for the wait.
Online Dating

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As I think you'll find, there are entries that contain words just a wee bit stronger than 'ass'.

Remember, Barret thinks of Cloud. Naked.

Good bye LJ Dramu!!!1

Barak, do not insult my intelligence

I feel it could be time for me and LJ to part ways permanently. I don't want to, as I have friends here I will miss sorely, but the wording used concerns me.

I don't trust LJ/SA not clafifying which content they will not allow even if it is legal. Just exactly what is it they're not comfortable with?

I will continue to watch and keep an eye on what's going on, but if things haven't improved significantly, I shall delete this journal once my paid time is up. I am not comfortable with what they imply, and as for an abuse engine? Does this mean anyone can get my journal deleted because they don't like it?

It's bad enough to get some troll delete a fic on ff.net, but the idea of being able to possibly lose all my journal entries at the whim of someone else - no thank you.

If anyone's interested, they can find me at http://luzzu.insanejournal.com/profile

Which is a fantastic site and the potential for it to be even better is continually growing.

And it's a lot bloody cheaper to boot for what I think is a better service.

Hope to see you guys over there, but if I don't, I'll catch up with you soon.

FFXII fic.

Because I needed to get it out of my system.

Fandom:Final Fantasy XII
Rating:totally worksafe
Summary:Larsa is pitted to a battle of wits that spans more than just the board game
Author notes: My first FFXII fic. Having only played the game through once and writing this to answer a random prompt throw out into the fanfic ether by a friend, I'm a bit worried I've fluffed the characterisation and possible some canon.
Disclaimer:FFXII and all associated belongs to SquareEnix.

follow the shiny link

News break XD

Not that it's huge news, but I will be still floating about here to read my f-list, but I probably will only post really sporadically.

Insane Journal people. Go. Now.